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“Congratulations on an amazing creation. I will never forget the times we lived through, thanks to your sweet, sharp illumination. Snow Globe made me laugh and cry and laugh again. I read and re-read; it is so very evocative and touching and tough. Shards of glass wrapped in velvet, soft and dangerous. Thank you, thank you.” 

– Lanette Smith, Basalt, CO

“I kept putting off reading the whole collection at once, and would read and re-read individual poems, like eating fine chocolate! What a pleasure. 

– Michi Blake, Santa Barbara, CA

“Wow! Snow Globe warmed and broke and inspired my heart and reminded me of the spinning times, the eternal mountains, the friendships that bind them (and us) butterflies together. Beautiful work. DO NOT miss this book, this poetry, this reading.” 

– Dick Dorworth, Ketchum, ID 

“In Snow Globe we follow Diane Eagle Kataoka as she relives her cross-country drive from the east with “Westward Yearning” through Kansas on Route 70 to the Rocky Mountains of Colorado, circa 1970s.  There in Aspen the aptly-named Eagle discovers “that nature was [her] touchstone” and that the “snow clouds changed the complexion of [her] destiny.” Her descriptions of the “Mountain Sorcery” that enchanted her are vivid and she evokes an Aspen in all its careless freedoms – skiing, pubs, drugs, random lovers – that is long gone.” 

– Barbara Kraft, Studio City, CA

“This is the first entire book of poetry I have ever read in my life. . . but I couldn’t stop reading Snow Globe!  Very much to the point, I loved it!” 

– Steve Hilbert, Basalt, CO

Snow Globe” is mythical and has such integrity. I can’t believe we lived it; it’s so magical.”

  • Guy Noble, Aspen, CO

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