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Writing has been a part of my life always, a silk thread weaving through everything I’ve done. Whether running a ski racing circuit, researching books for the great author Leon Uris (Exodus, Trinity, The Haj), serving as editor of magazines and newspapers, handling communications and marketing for summer music festivals, or being a paralegal, I’ve been constantly and continuously writing. At nine, my first poem praised a stately horse standing on a hill, silhouetted in the sunrise.

I love words. It’s magical how many combinations of words float through the universe; it’s plucking stars out of the night sky and lighting up a page with them.

A few years ago, a friend who’d read some of my poems suggested I collect them into a chapbook. Snow Globe, a novel in poetry form. See it here.

My novel, A Blind Eye, is ready for publication, so stay tuned to this site for updates and information.

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